Never-before-seen personal documents and correspondence preserved for fifty years from my journal and collection of original Warren Commission documents. I have used these documents and my journal as a primary source in my book about the Warren Commission.

Warren Commission Archives

Early in January 1964, Warren Commission General Council J. Lee Rankin instructed his three secretaries that I should get a a copy of every letter or memorandum. I have maintained these documents since. In February of 1964, Chief Justice Warren insisted in February 1964 that historian Dr. Alfred Goldberg of the Department of Defense be added to the Warren Commission staff. Dr. Goldberg suggested that the lawyers on the staff might consider keeping a journal of their activities on the commission. I was the only member of the staff (or of the commission) that kept such a journal.

To coincide with publication of my book “History Will Prove Us Right: Inside the Warren Commission Investigation into the Assassination of John F. Kennedy” I have provided the National Archives with a scanned version of all my documents and requested that the Archives put these materials on its website as soon as possible. The Archives assured me that this would be done as soon as their technical people examined the formats of the donated documents and made any necessary adjustments.

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